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Hi there!

My name is Ida Swann and I'm a Swedish Musical Theatre Actress and Singer.


I was born in a small town on the country side outside of Gothenburg. Ever since I was a child I have loved music, so it was a natural choice to be a part of the entertainment industry when I grew up. Although the dream has changed a little on the way I've always known I wanted to be on stage. A singer, an actress, a musician and a musical theatre performer; I'm pretty sure that was the order of my stage dreams and I have finally started working professionally as the last one mentioned; Musical Theatre Performer!

As of my graduation from The Urdang Academy in 2018 I am now exploring the world of Musical Theatre! My very first job was the most amazing experience and I am beyond grateful that the creative team believed in me and let me be a part of the show. In September 2018 we started rehersing for "Bat Out Of Hell - Das Musical" in Oberhausen, Germany. After roughly 300 shows of "Bat Out Of Hell" we finished our run with a bang at the end of September 2019!

After that I spent three years on rollerskates at "Starlight Express" in Bochum, also in Germany. There I had the joy of being 1st cast Joule and On stage Swing, covering Dinah, Belle, Carrie, Coco, Brexit, Volta and Wrench!

When I'm not performing I tend to spend a lot of time reading or sewing. I'm also very fond of arranging and recording music. I've got a few instruments that I enjoy playing, so I love putting together songs where I play each instrument as well as sing. Whenever I get tired of being inside, I love to explore nature. Hiking, Biking and Skiing are my favourite ways of seeing nature, preferably with a few friends by my side!

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