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Hi there!

My name is Ida Swann and I'm a Swedish Musical Theatre Actress and Singer.


I was born in a small town on the country side outside of Gothenburg. Ever since I was a child I have loved music, so it was a natural choice to be a part of the entertainment industry when I grew up. Although the dream has changed a little on the way I've always known I wanted to be on stage. A singer, an actress, a musician and a musical theatre performer; I'm pretty sure that was the order of my stage dreams and I have finally started working professionally as the last one mentioned; Musical Theatre Performer!

As of my graduation from The Urdang Academy in 2018 I am now exploring the world of Musical Theatre! My very first job was the most amazing experience and I am beyond grateful that the creative team believed in me and let me be a part of the show. In September 2018 we started rehersing for "Bat Out Of Hell - Das Musical" in Oberhausen, Germany.  After roughly 300 shows of "Bat Out Of Hell" we finished our run with a bang at the end of September 2019!

After an amazing Rock 'n Roll year in 2019 I will now be skating 2020-2023 with Starlight Express in Bochum, also in Germany. You will be able to see me on stage as 1st cast Joule and On stage Swing, covering Dinah, Belle, Carrie, Coco, Brexit, Volta and Wrench!

When I'm not performing I tend to spend a lot of time reading or sewing. I'm also very fond of arranging and recording music. I've got a few instruments that I enjoy playing, so I love putting together songs where I play each instrument as well as sing. Whenever I get tired of being inside, I love to explore nature. Hiking, Biking and Skiing are my favourite ways of seeing nature, preferably with a few friends by my side!

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